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Let Your Inner Light Shine

and be your Sensational Self!

The Compassion Guide Services

Compassion + Insight = Empowerment

The Compassion Guide is for those who selflessly put others' needs before their own. It is for those whose lives feel out of sync with their values and purpose. It is for those whose inner light has been obscured by stress and hardship. Your inner light is naturally caring, peaceful, and joyful. The inner light never goes out. Like solar energy, it is renewable.

Growing stress, demoralization, and polarization at work, at home, and in communities is growing, and it is taking a heavy toll on our personal and collective well-being and relationships. With tender and consistent effort, you can deepen your insight, expand compassion, and increase your resilience to act in ways that support yours and others' value and dignity. Let's get started, TOGETHER.

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Mindful Self-Compassion Class Series

Self-compassion is the well from which compassion is drawn. The more we turn toward our own pain and suffering with kindness, the more we do so for others. If you are a caregiver of any sort - parent, teacher, healthcare provider, social worker, chaplain, veterinarian, community organizer - you know how important AND how difficult it is that your well always have water in it.

Mindful Self-Compassion is an empirically-supported, internationally recognized program...

Cocoon of Care

A retreat for women to gather and wrap themselves in care and nourishment. 

Fall 2022 Dates and Location

to be Announced Soon!

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