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Image by Lazarescu Alexandra

Show Up with Shine Workshop Series

What does it mean to you to Show Up with Shine? What would it look like in your own life to Show Up with Shine?

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to answer these questions, prepared to bring your vision alive.

For many of us, our lives and habits changed drastically in the last year+. Our resilience has been tested, our limits stretched. In the midst of confusion and uncertainty, you may have lost your way a bit or gotten a little off balance. If so, you are NOT alone! On the other hand, you may have connected with your inner truths or created nourishing rituals. Whatever your experience, this workshop will strengthen your resolve to Show Up with Shine in your own life.

PART 1: Visioning

In this first part of a two-part workshop, you will:

- Explore your vision of what it means and looks like to Show Up with Shine in your own life 

- Identify a habit, behavior, or attitude you wish to create, change or continue that will empower you to show up in alignment with your vision

- Discover the shining qualities that already exist within for growing your vision

- Identify action steps to show up in alignment with your vision

This workshop is broken up into two parts, so you have time to create your vision board and try out your action steps. You must register for each workshop separately to attend both. While you may choose to attend only one, you will get the most benefit by attending both. 

PART 2: Reflecting and Resourcing

What has empowered you to Show Up with Shine? What is getting in the way? How can you make your vision shine brighter?

In the second workshop, you will answer these questions and fortify your path to Show Up with Shine by:

- Exploring what has worked to Show Up with Shine

- Identifying obstacles to Showing Up with Shine

- Practicing strategies for meeting these obstacles with equanimity and compassion

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